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About Us

Chongqing Gressu Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. took the lead in setting up the Enterprise Management Consulting Service Company in Chongqing in 2017. Since then, it has gained a good reputation in Chongqing industry only for more than two years. At present, the company has also set up branch offices in Shanghai, China, and foreign-funded enterprises in Singapore abroad. Corresponding company service is a multi-domain company with agent bookkeeping, enterprise consulting, marketing services, IT services and recruitment services. It is also a new type of private enterprise with great vitality and prospects.

   The company is now in a period of vigorous development, the company's staff is expanding and growing, and all staff under the leadership of the company to take a professional, differentiated, refined business approach.

   The company adheres to the enterprise management philosophy of "people-oriented, customer-oriented", advocates the enterprise spiritual culture of "integrity, unity, dedication and struggle", and strives unremittingly to provide high-quality, sincere professional services for the broad masses, and has been widely used. Support, recognition and favor of big consumers.

   In recent years, relying on its own marketing experience, enterprise strategic management and talent advantages, we continue to explore the way forward, steady and sustained on the track of professionalization and diversification. We are still striving to bring the best service to the most needy consumers. We are willing to create win-win situation with our customers. We are willing to do our utmost to build a sincere and informative service market.

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